Sunny Cold Afternoon in North Texas

Sometimes, all you need is a pool session to refresh your ideias!

Posted by Guto Bastos on December 05, 2010

Merch Debut

This afternoon the UPS guy dropped the first piece of merchandise. NewEra hats with embroidered GB logo on it. Very limited. Looks legit!!! Throw some jeans, a flannel and
this sick piece of headwear and you will shine fo'sure bro heheheh!!!

Detail of the embroidery work.

Detail of the back. I was not sure how the back design was going to come out because of a tight kearning. I just asked the guys to do whatever was possible keep it suttle and not a huge type piece. I guess it came out alright... I'm happy with it.

Posted by Guto Bastos on November 23, 2010

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