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Last night we went out to celebrate my wife's birthday over some italian food and a few glasses of wine at the Arcadoro i Pomodoro restaurant in Uptown Dallas. We've known this place and dig their sardinian couisine for quite some time now, but haven't been there since they moved to a new location. We decided to give it a try and once again, we were not disappointed! Patricia got herself a surprise compliment from the chef with this deliciously piece of art that came with some greetting fudge lettering. Totally unexpected! Thanks a lot guys... we had a great time!

Posted by Guto Bastos on October 16, 2010

Spotted at The Starbucks Last Night

Was at the Starbucks last night when on my way out I noticed the Recycle To Eradicate Poverty poster hanging on the store flyerboard. RTEP was my first job 3 years ago. I can tell they changed the layout to adapt to their needs. I was glad to see this project still happening but a little disappointed on myself since I can do much better work nowadays. I still remember how proud I was when I finished the job and now I see how limited were my skills back then.

Here it is the original design. The Earth and lettering were both done by hand, scanned and then treated on PSD.

Posted by Guto Bastos on October 8, 2010

2010 Fall Cottonwood Art Festival - Richardson, TX

Fall is finally here! To celebrate the great weather across North Texas, Patricia and I decided
to check it out Richardson's Seasonal Art festival at the Cottonwood Park. After a hell of a hot summer, we end up having a beautiful sunny day followed by good art, live music, cold beer, amazing food and lots of fun!

Among so much creative work, we came across the work of Owen Mortensen from Logan, Utah. He makes these interesting collages with pressed flowers and leafs that creates beautiful textures and motion. It looks awesome! Remember when you were a kid at school and your art teacher asked you to collect leafs to turn into a collage? Well, in some way this guy took to a whole other level by turning little pieces of nature into some elegant and stylish pieces. It kind of reminded me of Andy Goldsworthy's work somehow. It caught my attention for the simplicity of the looks and the complexity of the techniques at the same time. Very nice work Owen!

Owen took a quick break from his busy booth to tell us a little bit about his work and to pose for a picture next to some of his creations. Thanks man! We really enjoyed your work.

Children were going crazy on this little dam at the lake. The local duck community didn't like
so much though!

Another example of great work was found at Yan Lee's art booth. The level of detail on his ink pen technique blew my mind!

After walking through all the artist's booths it was time to enjoy the local food so... sitting under a tree while listening to some old fashion Rockabilly tunes, a Smoked Barbecue sandwich along with an extra cold beer seemed to be appropriate to close the afternoon.

Posted by Guto Bastos on October 3, 2010

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